Ideal as a package to support enrichment and FREE to all Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Schools/Colleges, Cambs Drive iQ is a set of 15 online modules aimed at Year 12 students. They will learn how to improve skills such as anticipating danger, hazard detection, risk management and eye scanning.

Whilst the modules can be completed in isolation, an initial workshop is useful to introduce the programme aimed at learners, drivers/riders and passengers who all play an important role on any journey. Students will see a range of views and have a chance to reflect on their own thoughts and behaviours.

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Case Study - Cambs Drive iQ at Sawtry Village College

We have had a long standing relationship with the road safety team from Cambridgeshire County Council as we feel that educating and informing new drivers is really important.

Over the years the team have delivered road safety education in various ways all of which were excellent but very costly in terms of time taken out of teaching.  So, we were very pleased to support the new initiative of Cambs Drive iQ  particularly that some of the filming was on local roads which is really relevant to our students who have to navigate the different road experiences of driving on fen roads to the A14/A1M and the city.

The road safety team made it very easy to get all of our students registered, they came in and did an assembly where they explained the importance of completing the modules and helped students to register. Teachers can also register and they can view which students have enrolled, how many times they have logged in and how many modules they have completed. It can be used as an enrichment/ PSHE activity, and in form times as the modules take about 10 minutes each to complete. There are 8 compulsory modules and 5 optional ones, students that complete a minimum of 8 modules can be awarded a certificate which is downloadable from the website. Schools may like to ask to see the certificate in return for a car parking permit!

It really is a great idea and hopefully it will go towards helping to reduce the road traffic accident figures for young drivers and their passengers.

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Hayley Weightman
Sixth Form Tutor
Sawtry Village College


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